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About Us

Israel in Arabic- "The voice of the Israeli People in Arabic" is an Israeli based Arabic-oriented website that deals with core issues regarding Israel, its people, history, religion and culture. The website is an ideal location for quality information about Israel in the Arabic language, and provides a unique platform for Arabic users to share accurate information about the Israeli nation.

Our vision is that Israel, one of the oldest Nations in the Middle East, must publish its knowledge, visions and history – a history that spans over more than 3000 years. We also believe that we have the ability and moral duty to answer any questions raised by the Arab World regarding Israel.   

Although this websites focuses mostly about the Israeli Nation, we welcome any information about Middle-Eastern ethnic minorities, languages, cultures, religions etc in our platform.

Therefore if you are fluent in Arabic and wish to send us an article on such matters, we will be more than happy to oblige and post it on our website.

Israel in Arabic – "The voice of Israeli people in Arabic" is open to any collaborations, contributions and feedbacks. Feel free to contact us via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter.

Best Regards,
Israel in Arabic Website Team